Jordan Baumgardner – New Hire Announcement

New Hire Announcement: Jordan Baumgardner

This week we would like to welcome Jordan Baumgardner to the team! Jordan is joining Farmers Risk as a Senior Software Engineer. 

Jordan has been involved in the ag industry from a young age and was an active FFA member in high school. He later went on to graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Prior to joining Farmers Risk, Jordan worked for a company that made instruments that gathered weather data by listening to the atmosphere, and Jordan was responsible for the software behind data collection, applying scientific formulas and neural networks, and displaying the data to the end-user. 

“I’m excited to be in a position where I can benefit people who are part of the process to help put food on the table. I believe we can make a big impact here at Farmers Risk in building technology to better serve those people,” says Baumgardner. 

As a software engineer, Jordan will be working across our stack to build out our in-app trading experience as well as a number of our other partner integrations. 

“Jordan brings a lot of experience in the technologies that we use day-to-day, a lot of which he built up an understanding of in his free time through his passion for software development and learning new technologies.  We coupled that with the fact that Jordan’s degree (and subject matter expertise) is in weather, where he’s used to working with large datasets that have a profound agricultural impact, and we felt Jordan would be a fantastic asset to have onboard,” says Eric Barnard, CTO, and Co-Founder. 

You can find Jordan on LinkedIn

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