New Product Highlights

March 25, 2022

Dashboard Updates

Welcome to our newly updated Dashboard. Here we provide several critical pieces of information that you’ve all been asking for! The features are listed below, but if you want to try them yourself, don’t hesitate to sign up for a free account or check out our new feature videos on our YouTube Channel.  

  • Overall P&L for your operation – updated with the latest market quotes
  • Ability to quickly edit your Cost of Production from the Dashboard
  • Daily Change to your Overall P&L and Crop-specific summary from the previous day’s market close.
  • Futures quotes for your selected crops right up-front

Auto-calculate your Estimated Basis

We recently launched the ability to automatically calculate an Estimated Basis – the value we use to determine your daily Spot Price for unmarketed crops. The feature aggregates and averages bid data across a 50-mile radius to estimate the most likely basis you’ll experience for this crop year.

BETA FEATURE: Automatically See Your Positions With FCM Integrations

For select customers, we’re offering the opportunity to try our new FCM Integration. This feature will automatically pull in your latest positions and transactions so that you can quickly get a picture of where you’re at financially with your operation. We are rolling out additional FCM integrations over the coming months, so stay tuned. If you have questions or want to try it out, just send us a note:

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