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Software Engineer

As our team continues to grow, this week we are welcoming Staff Software Engineer, Todd Borrowman.  Todd is a University of Illinois graduate of Electrical Engineering and has worked for over a decade in a variety of roles.

 “I’m excited about building something new that will be useful to people and being able to present information combined from multiple sources in a way that provides understanding. Also, I like learning new things and this is pretty much all-new,” says Borrowman. 

As a staff software engineer, Todd will work with the rest of the development team to help implement improvements in the Farmers Risk software. 

“Todd is joining us as a Staff Software Engineer and we couldn’t be more excited. Todd previously worked at Granular and is no stranger to working with farm financial and operational data,” says Eric Barnard, CTO & Co-Founder. “We’ll be leveraging his experience as we expand our integration offerings and trading capabilities. Todd brings an especially strong ability to solve problems in pragmatic and maintainable ways, while consistently being an advocate for customers” shares Barnard. 

Prior to joining the Farmers Risk team, Todd previously worked for the Army Corps of Engineers, was a software and hardware designer for radio animal tracking with the University of Illinois and UCDavis, and most recently a Staff Software Engineer at Granular. 

Todd will be heavily involved in our weekly product planning sessions and collaborate with our marketing team on product announcements.  Have any feedback about the Farmers Risk Dashboard? Shoot us a note at!

Todd has already become an integral part of the Farmers Risk team, says Barnard, “he’s not afraid to push back on product decisions and ensure that what he’s building (or designing) solves the right problems for the end-user. Congratulations Todd and welcome to the team!”

Connect with Todd via the Farmers Risk LinkedIn

Todd Borrowman – New Hire Announcement