Product Release Notes: 2022-05-23


Old & new crop futures price display

Keep an eye on Old and New Crop prices straight from your dashboard for the commodities you track in Farmers Risk.

New crop will adjust based on the year you’re reviewing (The image to the right shows someone reviewing their 2023 crop year. Notice the New Crop for Corn is now “ZCZ23”)

My Positions

Reformatted my positions table

New data tables on the My Positions page aid users in seeing how each trade/strategy is performing and give us greater flexibility to build out this data grid in the future.


 Assess every positions current delta

SDNC, serial, and weekly option tracking

Whether you entered and are tracking positions manually or have integrated your Farmers Risk account with one of the supported FCMs the software now allows users to track their serial, SDNC, and weekly options.


Additional crop types

We have added all classes of wheat as well as oats and sorghum. (note Sorghum does not have a futures contract)

StoneX integration

I highlighted our FCM integration when discussing our additional option tracking. Our newest supported FCM is StoneX.

And that’s all we could fit in this sprint, till next time.