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The Highlights:

  • Futures Trading
  • Options Trading
  • View Recently Filled, Pending, or Cancelled Orders
  • Offset

Trade Module

Futures Trading

Users now have the ability to trade futures directly from the Farmers Risk Platform for $10/side.

Users wishing to trade futures and options on Farmers Risk must open a hedge account first. Click here to start the application.
Trade Module Window 1
  1. Order Type – We currently offer limit trades, and hope to expand order types in the future.
  2. Quantity – Users can select their quantity based on contracts or bushels.
  3. Crop – Select the crop you wish to trade. The list of crops available to trade is based on a variety of factors.
    1. Tied to an exchange-traded product
    2. Associated with the user’s operation
    3. Permission to trade by the FCM
  4. Instrument Type – Toggle between the variety of instrument types available.
  5. Contract – This list adjusts based on the crop and instrument type selected.
  6. Buy/Sell
  7. 10-min delayed price data – real-time data displayed on the next page.

Click Review Order to get taken to the next screen.

Trade Module Window 2:
  1. Order Summary – Confirms what you wish to trade (order, instrument, contract, and quantity)
  2. Set Limit Price – This price will pre-populate but can be adjusted using the toggle arrows on the right. The price in red below the Set Limit Price is the real-time quote. See the arrows in the above image.
  3. Place This Order – Upon review, click to submit the order.

**Note – all orders are Good-Till-Day (GTD). We hope to add Good-Till Canceled (GTC) in the future**

Option Trading

Futures and options are traded in the same module, but there are a few differences.

Trade Option Module Window 1:

The differences…

  1. Strike Price Ladder – The software starts you AT THE MONEY. You can then scroll to review different strike prices.
  2. Trade Value – Estimated trade cost based on 10-min delayed data. Again, the real-time total trade value will be on the next window.

View Recent Trades/View Trade Activity

After a trade is made, click View Trade Activity to view its status.

The View Trade Activity from Mobile

My Position


User trading with Farmers Risk will notice the new Offset button on their My Positions page.

The Offset button pulls up a prefilled trade module to exit the position.

This material should be construed as market commentary, merely observing economic, political and/or market conditions, and not intended to refer to any particular trading strategy, promotional element or quality of service provided by Farmers Rick Inc. These materials represent the opinions and viewpoints of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints and trading strategies employed by Farmers Risk Inc. The trading of derivatives such as futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and you should fully understand those risks prior to trading. Farmers Risk Inc. is not responsible for any redistribution of this material by third parties, or any trading decisions taken by persons not intended to view this material. Information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed as to its accuracy.

Product Release Notes: 22-08-09