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Users can now preview our new My Position page.

Here’s a video on how to access the beta.

The Highlights

  • Layout
  • Transactions
  • Refresh
  • Data Grid Improvements
  • Add/Remove Columns


The new positions layout brings all a user’s positions in one data grid organized by instrument. We previously divided them into three grids: options, futures, and combined strategies.

This layout provides better filtering and aggregating opportunities across all positions. More on this later


The previous My Positions view had an “Open | Closed” toggle for each data grid. See the old layout below

The new setup has one “Open Positions | Transactions” toggle.

Why Change? The new transaction layout allows us to offer our customers a true hedge accounting system.


The refresh marks current positions to market using 10-minute delayed data. It will also imports new positions for those integrated with StoneX.

If you are integrated with one of the other FCMs, position imports happen once overnight.

Data Grid Improvements

Filter Open Positions or Transactions by Contract Month or Instrument Type

Add/Remove Columns

Click the settings gear to surface the columns you need and remove the ones you don’t.

That’s all, folks! Be sure to check back in soon for continued product updates or check out the product for yourself at

Product Release Notes: MY POSITIONS V2 – BETA