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  • Product Release Notes: MY POSITIONS V2 – BETA

    Users can now preview our new My Position page. The Highlights Layout Transactions Refresh Data Grid Improvements Add/Remove Columns Layout The new positions layout brings all a user’s positions in one data grid organized by instrument. We previously divided them into three grids: options, futures, and combined strategies. This layout provides better filtering and aggregating… Read More »Product Release Notes: MY POSITIONS V2 – BETA

  • Finalists Announced for the 2022 Prometheus Awards

    FinTech & InsurTech Company of the Year

    DES MOINES, Iowa (September 15, 2022) – [EXCERPT] The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) announces the finalists for the 2022 Prometheus Awards presented by UHY. The Prometheus Awards unites innovators and leaders from technology, business, education, and government to celebrate the year’s most momentous achievements in technology. Winners will be announced at the Prometheus Awards… Read More »Finalists Announced for the 2022 Prometheus Awards

  • Product Release Notes: 22-08-09

    The Highlights: Futures Trading Options Trading View Recently Filled, Pending, or Cancelled Orders Offset Trade Module Futures Trading Users now have the ability to trade futures directly from the Farmers Risk Platform for $10/side. Trade Module Window 1 Order Type – We currently offer limit trades, and hope to expand order types in the future.… Read More »Product Release Notes: 22-08-09

  • Ryan Nauman – New Hire Announcement

    Welcoming Ryan Nauman

    This week we would like to welcome Ryan Nauman to the team!  Ryan joins us as the newest staff engineer here at Farmers Risk. With a background in web development, we knew he would be perfect for our growing team! Prior to joining Farmers Risk, Ryan worked in the healthcare industry for almost a decade… Read More »Ryan Nauman – New Hire Announcement

  • Product Release Notes: 22-05-31

    My Positions Original Delta Last release, we added a column for a position’s Current Delta. In this release, we’re adding a column for a position’s Original Delta Not seeing your position’s original Delta? A position’s original delta will only display for positions imported with an FCM integration. Hedged Bushel & Hedged Bushels Changed Column Building… Read More »Product Release Notes: 22-05-31

  • Product Release Notes: 2022-05-23

    Dashboard Old & new crop futures price display Keep an eye on Old and New Crop prices straight from your dashboard for the commodities you track in Farmers Risk. New crop will adjust based on the year you’re reviewing (The image to the right shows someone reviewing their 2023 crop year. Notice the New Crop… Read More »Product Release Notes: 2022-05-23

  • Todd Borrowman – New Hire Announcement

    Software Engineer

    As our team continues to grow, this week we are welcoming Staff Software Engineer, Todd Borrowman.  Todd is a University of Illinois graduate of Electrical Engineering and has worked for over a decade in a variety of roles.  “I’m excited about building something new that will be useful to people and being able to present… Read More »Todd Borrowman – New Hire Announcement

  • Product Release Notes: 2022-03-28

    We’re excited to bring you more features and have included some highlights from our recent product release notes. DASHBOARD Highlighted Previous Day Change – Highlights change from the previous day for your unprotected bushels based on the current futures price. (see “1” in the below image)  We also show the effect that change had on… Read More »Product Release Notes: 2022-03-28

  • New Product Highlights

    March 25, 2022 Dashboard Updates Welcome to our newly updated Dashboard. Here we provide several critical pieces of information that you’ve all been asking for! The features are listed below, but if you want to try them yourself, don’t hesitate to sign up for a free account or check out our new feature videos on… Read More »New Product Highlights

  • Jordan Baumgardner – New Hire Announcement

    New Hire Announcement: Jordan Baumgardner This week we would like to welcome Jordan Baumgardner to the team! Jordan is joining Farmers Risk as a Senior Software Engineer.  Jordan has been involved in the ag industry from a young age and was an active FFA member in high school. He later went on to graduate from… Read More »Jordan Baumgardner – New Hire Announcement